Tuesday, November 09, 2004

tarp the dreamer

tarp the dreamer
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..this is tarp, the dreamer. he dreams of clear skies and death by accident.. (to double the insurance, hehe) actually, he just wishes someone stitches the hole he has on his back.. tsk, damn saleslady. wala daw kasing stock, meh butas pala si tarp. grrr. haba storya eh, kung bakit tarp ang pangalan nya.. it's short for tarpaulin..(arrgh di ko alam spelling) as in yung banner.. secret na lang kung bakit siya si tarp.. hehe. ilymp!

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Anonymous said...

Actually he was looking at this property, Tarps want to buy this property but he back out, he got scared of all the flies he saw!


btw, can you see all the scratches on the pickup? hehehe