Friday, November 12, 2004


i'm at Pramerica, sitting on my pangs' chair and using his PC.. i'm here 'cause Sir Tony treated the whole IT dept for lunch (pa-despedida saken.. think they're just plain glad i left HEHE) and raymond's not here so i'm taking advantage and updating my blog.. i haven't been really productive (okay, i wasn't productive AT ALL) since i resigned so it's time for one of my to Do lists, hoping this time, i'll be at least able to do half of them..

Things to Do Next Week: (in order of importance)
1. Update Jul's site
2. Get a student's permit
3. Go to the Bank and Deposit my Check
4. Go to UST for my TOR and Diploma (yep, finally!)
5. Go to Divisoria for items in my gift boxes
6. Go to DBP and help mom in her booth
7. Install Office 2003 and research on Outlook and Microsoft Exchange (for EQ Group.. i'll be paid by the hour for that, harharhar)

hmm.. that's it.. it's such an easy list, right? (wahaha.) i'll probably do #1 this weekend, 2 and 3 on Monday, #4 on Tuesday and #5 on Wednesday..

dito na si pangs.. bye all!

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