Saturday, October 16, 2010

...waiting game

was at the doctor's this afternoon.. she said i'm 3cm already.. i guess it could be anytime now.. am still hoping to last the whole week cause i want to see gavin's halloween thingie at his school (this friday).. today i started making his costume, for fear that i might go in labor anytime and i won't be able to do it..

hmm. its so weird, this waiting game. i didn't do this with tsug cause i wanted his birthday to fall on May 1 so i was induced. now it's so scary.. not knowing when exactly it's gonna happen.. like what if i miss a sign.. what if i do #2 and poop out babynoname? lol.

hayyyyy. nuninuninuni.

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beng said...

kami rin gewi, waiting game sa blog entry mo re: your latest birthing experience. hehehe!