Monday, October 11, 2010


i had the chance to participate in gavin's school where i was assigned to be the storyteller for the day. i was a bit nervous because kids are hard to predict.. sometimes they can be really nice or really unruly. But they were all very well behaved, including Gavin! He sat on the mat just like other kids and listened to the story.. I read one of his Yo Gabba books, It's Nice to be Nice! Sometimes he would finish the sentence for me that his teachers will say 'Memorize ni Gavin, uh!' lol. I brought all of gavin's Yo Gabba stuffed toys and would bring them out as the story introduced them.. and every time I would bring a character out, (i would ask 'Do you want to meet Brobee?') all the kids' eyes would grow big and they clapped so happily! it was priceless!

will i do it again? ahmm.. i don't know! haha! i might have just had beginner's luck and next time, i could really suck LOL.

here are some pictures c/o Gavin's school:

smart kids2
it's brobee!
smart kids
it's foofa!

anyway, speaking of reading.. i always read a book (or 4 if it's his spiderman books because those are just 4 pages each) during his bedtime.. lately, he's been wanting to repeat the words as i recite them.. and amazingly, he can now recognize a lot of the words! he know words by sight like 'city', 'spider-man' (lol.. well that's helpful), 'and', 'he', 'amazing' (because it's the amazing spiderman hehe), or 'new york city' LOL. i guess i should change stories haha. namemorize na nya yung stories. but the recognition of words, are really surprising. from the back of his puzzle book.. he pointed to me and said '5 YEARS AND UP!' . i was stumped! ang galing haha! it's so weird cause tsug doesn't speak straight yet. but i think malapit na.. cause yesterday he was facing his alphabet magnets on the fridge.. and he was trying to build the word 'MOM'.. he placed M.. then looked for O.. and he said 'WALA NG O' hehe! of course i'm so happy. it might seem like a little thing but his use of 'NG' is amazing for me cause usually he's just 'MOMMY, sit down. or NO WAY. or LET'S GO or LABAS! .. halos puro one word utos! he has a new NO WAY word, ..'ay waw'.. meaning AYAW. think he got that from his classmates hehe. i'm trying to speak to him in english because we might go back to singapore and i want his teachers to understand him. so when i say 'not ay way, say I don't like!' he would of course, naturally say 'AY WAW' again. oh well. *hands in the air*

is Wiwi a world-wide known thing? lol. i think that's okay. hehe. that's it. i'm still walking around at 1cm, but i'm not feeling anything yet. my doc wants me to reach 38 weeks so she's telling me to take it easy...

bye for now! hopefully i'll have the best news yet on my next post.

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