Saturday, September 04, 2010

... on my 32nd week

ang tagal. inip na ako. on my last checkup, doc said the baby's on the correct position already.. ready na rin sya hehe.. pero wag muna baby L.. pataba ka muna :)

i haven't bought baby clothes yet.. i'll probably just buy a few.. baby L's gonna have to survive on tsug's hand-me-downs.. i've made a conscious effort on controlling how i spend money.. we don't really budget (or we don't KNOW how to budget) our money.. but since my delivery is nearing, we better make sure we have enough for that. so i've made this columnar list of stuff i buy so i'll have an idea where our money goes...and you can't believe how much i spend on gavin's toys and grocery.. i think last month i spent around 15k on groceries and toys. nyak. peso yun uh. at least hindi sgd lol. in fairness to myself, that includes dining out, gas, parking tickets, etc.. but still, i felt a teeeeny bit guilty so i now think twice if tsug really NEEDS a new activity/coloring book or a 200php box of crayons (really, ang mahal na pala ng crayola!).. its soooo friggin hard.. once i enter a bookstore, i just want to buy tsug some sketchpads, activity books, craft materials.. and before you know it, you just spent 800bucks on pencils and paper. waah.

next week pangs will be here for a short visit.. yey! (gastos ulit, haha, oks lang) after that, he'll be back on october.. for my delivery already! woohoo. malapit na talaga. 'ber' na rin pala. can't believe we'll be 4 in our family this christmas. sabi nga ni tsug.. 'happy happy happy!'

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