Thursday, January 28, 2010 sister's wedding

hello, 2010! haven't been able to update since my mom was hogging up the computer while we were in antipolo what with her facebook addiction.. farmtown, sunshine garden, yoville, whatever game it is, she's probably playing it.. anyway, this blog has been neglected long enough.

a wedding is always a momentous occasion, but it definitely meant a lot more for my sister.. she was 36, beautiful, a romantic but single. she was actually already contemplating a life of singlehood, and forever living under our parents' roof. this year she got married and for the first time in MY life, i cried at a wedding. i have been praying for her to finally find someone who would love her and marry her and she has. now when we go out and she's all PDA-y with JR, her new hubby, i have to remind myself not to be a bitch and tolerate the PDA so i just turn my head and try to focus on other stuff lol.

my beautiful sister.. her motif was grecian pink and silver

i liked my dress! best part was the shoulder strap was detachable so i could easily nurse hehe

looking awesome in his barong!

took a while before we were able to put on his barong

finally! hehe

long live and prosper! daddy's so funny


just realized wasn't able to get a photo of JR haha. oh well, these were just taken from my sister's camera.. will wait for the official photos!

tsugtsug didn't walk the aisle.. he almost did then he backed away then he saw me and all hell broke loose. during the photo op session though, i urged him to walk the aisle alone and had the photographer take a picture of him.. so now the official story is that he DID walk the aisle AND we have photographic evidence hehe.

anyway, more photos and stories to come. we had a pretty hectic holiday schedule but it was super fun and i miss my parents and sisters already. wish we'll always celebrate christmas in manila. iba talaga pasko sa pinas!


aMgiNe said...

ang pretty ni ate cha! sana magka baby na sila agad.

geWi said...

onga, sana nga!!!