Monday, November 30, 2009

...officially in the late twenties

i celebrated my 29th birthday last friday.. am using the word "celebrated" loosely because i wasn't really in a celebratory mood, and it surely felt like any other day.. had tsugtsug's checkup in the morning.. he was supposed to be scheduled for a MMR vaccine but he has been spewing some serious coughing and sniffing, so at least Ate Annamae (our pedia) was able to check on that instead. my poor baby's cough has been seriously interrupting his sleep and he's been really cranky. last night i could barely carry him for all his kicking and screaming.. i began to wonder if he's just faking being sick because surely a sick kid couldn't have that much strength! poor baby, i'm so not used at him being sick.. i hope he gets well soon.

it was supposed to be a jampacked weekend for me. saturday i was to meet my precom barkada, and sunday my HS kada.. both cancelled, didn't want to cause tsugtsug any additional stress.

anyway, pangs sent me flowers and a little teddy (thanks pangs! *mwah*) but i think i've reached the age when birthdays don't really mean much to me anymore. i certainly don't feel 29... but i freakin am! i guess i've stopped counting the years. (i always think twice when people ask me how old i am)

last night i had a morbid thought.. i was computing my dad's age.. so he's probably 65.. in ten years he'll be 75.. and i was contemplating whether this was a really old age, decided it wasn't so i added another 5 and ended with 80... 80 sounds like a number i could realistically expect my father to live on.. but that's just 15 years.. i'll be 45 years old, tsug will be 15 years old.. ate chary will be.. 53! (gasp) 15 years sound extremely short doesn't it? will i be ready at 45 to lose my father? *sighs* it feels like such a short time to go, i'm having second thoughts again in moving to singapore for good.. do i want to be those type of people who go home because a loved one died? or do i actually want to be there when something happens.

enough of dreary thoughts.. holidays are coming up after all. already had a short holiday myself early first week of november.. we went to boracay, me, pangs, tsug, mommy, daddy, akel and rommel.. we stayed at two seasons for 3 nights.. i didn't enjoy boracay that much, what with my husband constantly worrying whether other people were enjoying and continuously bugging me to make a plan.. personally, my plan was for:

1.tsugtsug to swim at the pool (check)
2.have a massage (check).. 15 friggin dollars! so cheap!
3.get a henna tattoo (check)
4.take pictures (check)

i forgot to include "take a dip in the ocean" and that's why the boracay ocean didn't even went past my knees! (at least it touched my ankles. lol)

anyway, we also didn't enjoy our dinners that much, as we went to overpriced buffet dinners the first two nights (tip in going to boracay.. once at D'Mall, take a friggin LEFT, towards station 3, and NOT a right which we always did!) and it was only the 3rd night we discovered the 250bucks seafood buffet that we enjoyed dinner. (oysters included in the buffet!) didn't help that tsug would always throw a fit while scouring for restaurants that's why we were always half panicking while searching for a place to eat. (tsug barely ate on the trip, another stress factor for the hubby) oh, oh.. and i almost forgot our near food poisoning experience when we ordered room service for our first boracay lunch.. that was really the number one reason why i didn't enjoy myself that much,.. all 3 of us (mom, me and akel) felt bad after eating some still unidentified food and i was only completely okay on the 3rd day...

i definitely want to go back.. maybe when tsug is a little older (when i can spank him. haha) and maybe stay at station 2 this time, save some time from all the shuttle transfers from station 1. (though the beach in station 1 really was awesome... hmmm.)

some pictures at bora trip:

my henna and braids. pangs said i looked like lil bow wow or allen iverson. take your pick.

sulit na sulit talaga ang stokke!

my boys

rare playing-in-the-sand moment

ang mag asawa

enjoying the boat ride

at the back of the hotel

enjoying the pool

the only enjoyable dinner

bye guys!

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janeius said...

ano buh? =p kami ni beng (syempre kelangan may kadamay ako.. hehehe) will be saying goodbye sa 20s next year.. huhuhu.. *sigh*

ive actually stopped at 25.. hahaha! pareho tayu.. pag tinatanong age ko, ive to stop and think kung ano nga ba.. =p

and yup! bow wow nga! =D

sana makapagbora din ako someday.. pero mas maganda pa din yata yung palawan.. i think.. =/