Sunday, October 11, 2009

...make your own japanese dessert day

i'm not sure how i got watching a better half of an hour these "cookingwithdog" Youtube videos about japanese cooking.... a trip to Daiso later, we got all the ingredients we needed to make Tofu Dango aka Japanese-dumplings-we-order-extra-at MOF (ministry of food) at-3 dollars-for-3-measly-pieces!.

it was pretty easy to do, and the end result was as satisfying as the ones they sell at the Jap restaurants here.

our daiso loot:
redbean paste, soybean powder, glutinous flour

mix equal parts of silken tofu and glutinous flour until you can make small balls out of them, then dunk them in boiling water

20091011_0148ice cold water
once they float, strain and put in ice cold water

AND THAT'S IT! you just add whatever flavors you want.. in our case, we made 3 different types:
mirin, sugar, soy sauce
heat equal parts of mirin, soy sauce and sugar. actually, pangs added a little bit more of sugar to the mixture. then just spread it on the dango balls.

soybean powder
dango with mirin mixture(top), 2 tbsp soybean paste + 1 tbsp sugar mixture for the dango on the bottom

red bean paste
with red bean paste! they have these in daiso as well.. so cool!! every item there sells for 2 dollars.

line of the day: "tofu pala yung lasa na yun!"

the Youtube video:

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janeius said...

nice! =D sayang malayo na ko ngayon sa japanese supermarket dito.. =(