Saturday, September 26, 2009

...another milestone

this is definitely a momentous occasion for me.. tsug finally slept on his own tonight! no dancing and swaying for 30 minutes, no breastfeeding 'til my nipples are raw (eww).. he was breastfeeding as usual, then he unlatched, and played the hairbrush i left on the bed.. he usually does this every night.. latch and unlatch, sometimes he'll even go down the bed and play on the floor, then go back up to the bed to latch again until he falls asleep.. this night however, he just played with the brush, and i was reading my ebook from pangs' iPhone when i realized he wasn't moving anymore.. he has fallen asleep on his own!! TY God! At 16 months, this might be late for everyone else, but i've swayed and breastfed tsugtsug to sleep since birth so this is super exciting for me. I hope this is not a fluke, and am wishing this will be our new habit. Who knew the forgotten brush would be the key to my happiness? (and relief for my aching back)

On another big boy news.. we just enrolled tsugtsug on his very first playgroup! He won't be starting just yet as the minimum age is 18 months, (plus we'll be coming home to Manila for the holidays) so he'll start on February, when we get back from Pinas. This daycare, (Just Kids) which is just across our street held an Open House so we decided to check it out. It's a newly opened center so all the equipment and rooms look awesome.. and the cutie toilet, with all the mini toilet bowls, so cute.. too bad wasn't able to take a photo.. (forgot to bring our cellphone.. we were just on our way to the wet market when we detoured there)

It's just for 3 hours, and the timeslot we selected is 8-11am.. they'll serve breakfast too.. so tsug can go there as soon as he wakes up.. when we were there talking with the teacher, tsug just walked around and played at the indoor play area (they had slides and stuff..) and he had a teacher follow him and he was content in the 15minutes we were there.. i have a feeling he won't experience any separation anxiety.. he was pretty happy as soon as he saw the little tikes stuff.. I am the one feeling nervous, as early as now.. i wonder how he'll behave for 3 hours.. and I wonder if they'll be able to make him eat.. he's a pretty cheerful baby, until you try to put food on his mouth..oh well..we'll know soon enough.

will take a photo of him on his uniform on my next post. that's all for now.. gotta watch F1 qualifying race!!

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