Friday, January 30, 2009

...tsugtsug milestones

GRABEH! tsugtsug just stood on his crib by himself! actually, he can already stand with some help about a week ago but i thought the crib was too high for him. guess i was wrong! tsugtsug is such a blabbermouth.. and always tries to get your attention.. feeding him is supahhh difficult now.. unlike before where he eats everything, now he just wants the bottled baby food! my kalabasa and kamote creations are snubbed!

He can now wave bye bye (you guys have no idea how this makes me so happy haha) and then does the same trick as soon as he hears the melody of twinkle twinkle little star. he does it even when he's sleepy, i try not to sing twinkle twinkle to him for fear of waking him up!

anyway, my folks got here last wednesday so i've been sleeping pret-ty well these past few days.. mom's been getting tsugtsug as soon as he wakes up and feeds him breakfast while I take some much needed zZzs.. today was their departure date but my mom stayed behind! dad's at the airport now, he's already checked-in so i'm not that worried anymore..

got a tsugtsug scare again last night.. we were eating at Ichiban sushi and he was sitting happily at his high chair.. when the friggin miso soup bowl was set near his hands and whooooooshhhh.. one swipe of his hand and the hot miso was all over him huhuhuhuh. applied some ice immediately, but i thought for a second he would get burns *sigh*. good thing the soup wasn't that hot. ( i think his bath water is hotter lol) When Pangs and I eat out, we usually get a table for 4 so the plates, utensils can be steered away from tsugtsug, but since there were 4 of us in that teeny table, it was harder to keep stuff away from him.. i thought i was already keeping stuff away.. but he still managed to swipe the soup bowl.. waah was so scared! both of my parents experienced an upset stomach last night, they both think it was because of tsugtsug, they couldn't eat well after that incident! nyahaha! Thank God he's okay.

i've been doing tsugtsug's birthday preps, but the venue, Bouganville Resort at Antipolo has been giving me a headache. First, they want to charge me 50 bucks PER person for the food carts (hello, we have 120 guests!), then when i was able to negotiate that I would get their previously proposed merienda apart from the food carts, (which would cost me 11k+) they won't charge me corkage anymore. that merienda was for burger, fries, hotdog and iced tea. Now they emailed me saying the merienda has to change for some reason they still haven't explained to spag and chicken and they HOPE it will be for the same price as before.. and i'm like.. wtf. hay. first of all, they were the ones who proposed the friggin thing and second.. whose party is this anyway!? don't I have the say what food my guests eat? LOL. hay. the spag and chicken are for the kids' lunch so I don't want them to eat the same thing for the whole day. arrggh. Its too late to change venues already and I've already booked 3 other suppliers so changing the date or time is out of the question. gaaah. If I only knew they would be like this, I wouldn't have gotten them. They better be AWESOME at the date itself for this stress to be worth it.

hay. tsugtsug photo trail na lang, pang tanggal ng stress ehehe:


bye for now! oh, happy new year to my chinese friends!

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Anonymous said...

hi gewi. hope to see you and tsug2 soon. sana maayos mo na details ng party ni tsug2, excited na kami ni nathan umattend.

btw, did you get my link?