Friday, January 02, 2009

...happy new year!

wow, 2009. i think i've more or less adjusted to our new set up.. got a routine going.. tsug wakes up at 6:30am (hopefully!), sleeps again at around 9am. wakes up at 10, plays and eats and sleeps at 12. wakes up at 1, plays and eats again. sleeps at around 3. wakes up at 4. eats again (he's eating solids 3 times a day now) then its bath time, pajama time and he's sleeping at around 7pm. he still wakes up every hour or a couple of hours, but come 12am, he usually sleeps for 3-4 hours straight. i sleep with him on the queen size bed, raymond sleeps on a single mattress on the floor hihihi.

he's one spoiled brat already. ehehe. he shouts his "eh, eh, eh!" at you when you're not paying any attention to him.. he cries when he's alone. (i guess, i would too ehehe) aned sometimes he's fussy when eating. but oh my gosh he's so gawddarn cute. HEHE. (love your own) he goes on babbling his "ma ma ma ma ma" (i like to think its his first word as in "mama" LOL) and jumping on his jumperoo. he gives you this really loud shriek of joy and your resolve to be stern turns jelly. he likes baby einstein better than barney, but he likes barney better than sesame street. he's too big for his infant seat now, but too little for the toddler seat on his stroller. and he loves being on his new baby carrier (thanks ate ging! tsugtsug is now an ergobaby baby) he eats squash, sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, sweet peas and cereal. oh, and he still doesn't know how to drink from a bottle. another mother told me their daughter wouldn't hold the bottle while drinking.. tsugtsug's totally the opposite. the problem is he keeps on wanting to hold and play with the bottle! well sometimes, some liquid manages to come inside his mouth so he probably drinks a little water now. otherwise, he would play with the water and blow bubbles with it! he still has little hair, but that one i don't mind.. less hair to shampoo harhar.

he turned 8 months yesterday! got a pic but still on raymond's camera. here are some photos taken just last week though!

at daddy's office

at ikea.. ok, maybe this was a couple of weeks back

on a different topic... i got wiiiiiii for my birthday!

oh, and a guitar hero world tour too! wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! (not that i have enough time to play it)

christmas presents for ourselves.. finally, crocs that actually looks o-kay

have also started to plan for tsugtsug's 1st birthday.. it's gonna be aweeeesomeeee (high-pitched *awesome* as in barney.. barney not the dinosaur, barney as in How I met your mother barney ehehe).. that's my intention, anyways. you'll never know if it turns out to be a disaster haha. have already booked a venue before we left Pinas. it wasn't even on my initial prospects, just a last minute decision to look into this new resort in Antipolo.. it turned out to be perfect. went to 3 private resorts before this, the first one was guillean's place was really beautiful. i would've booked it that second. major problem was the route to get there. it was an uphill rough road which normal cars would have trouble getting through to.. such a pity, the place was really really nice. we'll probably just book for our family outing or something.

guillean's place

guillean's place
top view of guillean's place.. nice noh? sayang talaga.

they even had 2 halls for big gatherings.. this one's the bigger one, could probably fit 100-150 guests:
guillean's place

guillean's place
the smaller one, probably for 5-6 round tables

tsugtsug enjoying the view:
guillean's place

the next one we went to was Cattleya Farm Resort.. the resort has 4 separate private pool areas, each one having a kiddie pool and a big pool, some airconditioned rooms and videoke machines. it was also okay, but i don't think my 80-100 guests could fit in one. would probably have to book 2 pool areas, which is just logistically harder to pull off.

rates were also reasonable, can also consider for a family outing.

cattleya farm resort
think this was pool # 4.

cattleya farm resort
forgot the others how they were numbered. anyway, this was another one.

cattleya farm resort

cattleya farm resort
and another.

the 3rd one was Marabella Resort.. i also took pictures but somehow daddy deleted them from the camera nyahaha. got this from the website:

see the upper left part of the picture.. these are 2 adjoining villas, each with a private pool, with separate entrances. was thinking of booking the two pools, (if i remember correctly, the rate was 8k per pool) since it was adjacent to each other, with just a tiny gate between pools, it was feasible to hold a party in them. we would've probably went with this one, if we hadn't seen Bouganville Resort.

We just passed this resort on our way home and decided to take a look. I think its fairly new, probably a year or a couple of years old. Tsugtsug was starting to fuss at this point so I was left in the car BFing him, and daddy and raymond went to check it out. They were gone for a long time which was good news in my view cause this meant they saw something worthwhile. turns out they did! They had a pool which we could exclusively rent for 8k (8am-6pm) AND they had a meeting room and a huge hall for events. Joy, the gen.manager was there to assist us and she was really helpful. We even had dinner at their restaurant and the food was good. The following days, joy called me often to talk about details of the event. (catering, etc) Too bad I'm here now.. think she doesn't have access to their email, so now their response time is kinda slow. But anyways, once we go back to Antipolo, (we're planning on going home a couple of months before May) I'll go there to finalize everything.

Here are some pics from their site (we took better pictures but got deleted too):

victoria hall

inside the hall

anyways, also have decided on a photographer and balloons/decor supplier. hehehe halatang excited ano? wala eh, wala akong magawa sa bahay! :p

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