Tuesday, November 04, 2008

...the big move

...is upon us! i'm looking forward to it as much as i am anxious about it. believe me, i'm not the only one. grandma's feeling it too.. she already started getting all teary eyed about a week ago.. she did a monologue while holding tsugtsug.. "paano kayo dun? paano ka? ikaw na gagawa ng lahat.. magluluto, maglalaba, maglilinis... dito nga lang, si gavin lang inaasikaso mo, hirap ka na eh".. l o l! honestly, i have no idea how i'll cope too. all i tell people when they ask me is "edi kakayanin".. which is really the case! i think its time for pangs and i to do this on our own and learn what it really means to be a family. even before tsug, we only lived in our house for a couple of months before he had to leave for SG.. and then when i got there, we shared a flat with housemates so most of the chores where split, hence, responsibility was also split. now, it'll just be the two of us and one tiny(?) baby boy...

we still got a TON of things to do.. and to buy.. pangs already got a flat, so at least that's one off the list. he'll have to make the flat ready before our arrival, and that's not an easy task. part of having housemates is that the stuff in the house are also shared, so when one moves out, you find yourselves with no rice cooker, iron, pots and plates hehehe. but at least shopping is fun, just don't think about the money you're spending.

I on the other hand have started my own shopping.. spices, clothes, medicine, dvds..everything that's cheaper here.. the dvds are getting ripped right this second so i can bring them to sg.. they're tsugtsug's dvds actually.. barney, sesame street.. haaaay. yeah, tsugtsug's been introduced to the wonderful world of barney and elmo.. (wtf is barney anyway? is he a bear? same friggin question goes to elmo.)

and tsugtsug is now 6 months old! and he has started his solids! i'll be making my own baby food and he has tasted his first kamote yesterday.

one messy day

6 months old
chillin at the car.. his favorite sleeping place

6 months old
better take a photo of this shirt.. can't get the buttons closed already!

6 months old
happy 6 months baby!!!!

tsugtsug can now stand while holding on to his baby gym c/o ninang anshe.. (still his favorite toy).. and he still doesn't know how to use a bottle. i've been trying to teach him, but i think he's mostly just getting his clothes drenched..hopefully, some liquid goes in his throat..

anyhoo, that's it for today. oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOMMY DEAREST. i love you! you're a wonderful mother and grandma! *mwah*


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Beverly said...

you'll definitely need a yaya lalo na kung magwowork ka. madali naman magdala sa sg di ba?