Sunday, October 19, 2008


5 months

bilis ng panahon! at 5 months, tsugtsug has developed some awesome (and terrible) habits.. the latest of which just boggles my mind.. he is now rattle-phobic! just seeing it brings him to hysterical fits! on sight uh! any type of rattle! and then gawd-forbid someone tries to rattle it in front of him, his crying goes up another notch if that was even possible. sooooo kawawa! he has learned to associate the rattle with his vaccine shots! its my fault too because he has his own rattle, but its stuck on the bottom of his diaper bag and is seldom used..frankly, can't blame my poor baby.. hearing the rattle and then having someone stick a needle to your butt the next second.. lol. i am now in the process of reintroducing the rattle to him.. he can now stare at it with just a wee bit of whimpering haha..

also, he has learned to be wary of strangers. haaaay. he's no longer people friendly. he absolutely hates it when someone makes small talk to him. its so weird because he has only developed this habit about a week ago! Only a couple of weeks back when i applied for his passport, he would smile at everyone and even allowed a lady to carry him when i needed to write something.. *sighs* today some sales guy just stared at him and once he realized this dude was staring at him, ayun na.. iyak to the max. LOL.

i wonder if we'll be okay in an airplane.. TG its only 3.5 hours..

his daddy is coming this week yey! hmmm.. mangingilala kaya? L O L. will tell you soon enough.

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aMgiNe said...

waaaahhh ang bachingkoy naman ni tsug2!!!! wawa naman natakot sa rattle!