Thursday, August 21, 2008

..ode to the 90s

after having my third nightmare about Criminal minds, i decided to give my profiling psyche a break and searched my family's numerous (and eccentric) collection for something new to watch... i wanted something light, (read: not scary) and in english (read: no subtitles!) and i ended up with... Dawson's Creek, Season 1. ehehe.

after the Pilot episode (which amazingly, i was familiar with.. OMG i have watched this before!!), i was hooked. it reminded me of my school days and i loved the music. gawwwd i love 90s music.. Sarah Mclachlan, Tori Amos.. and of course the theme song, I don't wanna wait. hearing the song is reason enough to watch the show. it's an absolutely great song. I wonder whatever happened to Paula Cole.

I'm definitely a 90s baby.. (i only remember the 80s because of my sisters.. Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful) my highschool days when i was so engrossed in alt rock, filling up my shoeboxes with tapes of bands, congratulating myself when my latest discovery wasn't a one-hit wonder and guessing who would make it to the mainstream.. Alanis Morisette, No Doubt, Goo goo dolls, Third Eye Blind,.. i thought they would forever be my secret musical discoveries.. guess they were meant for greater things than inside my walkman. my favorites were Radiohead, Smashing pumpkins, Rage against the machine, Sonic Youth, i could go on and on and on (ooh Alice in Chains. ooooh, how could i forget Nirvana and Pearl Jam!. oooh also Soundgarden..Green day..Oasis!!! Bush!! okaaay i'm gonna shut up now).. wow. i miss their music.

i remember listening to NU on our school bus service.. i remember singing Ironic to my friend Kate 3 months before it became BIG in the radio.. and i remember how i loved Eraserheads so much I would sound like Ely when I sang their songs lol. I remember how happy i was to find classmates who liked the same stuff i did.. so much so we formed a band and first named it freon, then changed it to Orange Juice. lol. I remember going to studios and jamming it with them. i would play the drums, the bass, and would even sometimes take vocals.. we sounded like crap but we didn't friggin care. ehehe. oohhh i miss arjo, bea, maileen, joyce.. ehheehe. wow, so weird to say their names here when we haven't kept in touch all these years. i remember how bea loved beastie boys, and her name being on it just adds to her obsession. i found arjo on friendster and she stayed true to her music roots, with franz ferdinand, coldplay, the killers, audioslave, deftones, tool, the white stripes, to name a few of her current likes.

i don't listen to the radio anymore.. TV seems much more appealing to me.. so i leave it up to MTV to educate me of the new bands.. year 2000 brought about great bands, but i dunno,..nothing really hits the chord for me unlike before.. is it my age? or maybe it's too early to be sentimental over 2000 music.. yeah, that's probably it. when i'm in my 40s i'll probably be like "oooh, i loved maroon 5" ehehe.

90s was a great decade.. it brought us portable phones, jerry maguire and search engines. i'll just save all the great music to my harddisc with hopes that i can tune out the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus from them.

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