Tuesday, July 15, 2008

...random tv thoughts

my world has revolved around tsugtsug and my other baby.. TV. the one and only 'hobby' i could keep. and so..... let me ramble on..

gordon ramsey is f*cking hilarious. it's addicting to watch him swear on tv. i tried counting his swearing on one kitchen nightmare episode, i lost count at 20. project runaway philippines finally has a first-episode date.. and it's gonna be soon! on july 30.. can't wait... so sad Gio from ugly betty won't be back in the next season.. i was secretly rooting for him. (am a sucker for underdogs) think they just signed him for one episode. henry the accountant won't be back at all, so it's a new love interest for betty. i like ugly betty.. the characters are sooo multi-dimensional.. evil is not plain evil. Pinoy Idol sucks. i dunno what's GMA's fixation with ugly singers. it's TV, not radio. and the judges are lameeee. ogie, jolina or wyngard. there's so boooring. i'm a kapuso but louie ocampo, gerard salonga definitely makes more sense. (and more helpful in their comments!) si wyngard, wala ng ibang masabi kungdi "di kita na-feel" (Whatev). been watching Jdramas too. Operation Love, Yukan Club. Both good. Also watched taiwanese Corner of Love. but the last episode..nawala subtitle! demmit! (damn pirated stuff bwahaha) i wanted to call javern/lynette for him to listen and translate it for me lol. pinanood ko na lang kung sino nagkatuluyan. i love iron chef. but its hilarious mark damos rants of in japanese when he's filipino. saw a lot of filipinos in asian excellence award.. cheryl burke, ramiele, tia carerasomething (forgot her surname), apol the guy from Black eyed peas.. and some actress (forgot also her name) who said after accepting her award that her filipino mother still calls to check if her rice cooker is still working and to go out in the market and buy some Pish. i love top chef. i dunno why. (i don't like padma)i guess i like reality tv shows, period. i looved that the vietnamese guy won. i especially liked the way he chopped this chicken in like 5 seconds. gossip girl rocks. though the books are better. have the new gossip girl book, the carlyles. blair and company have graduated so its a new storyline. wonder if they'll do that for the series as well. CHUCK bores me. he's not funny. only salvation was seeing rachel bilson from the OC again. gawwd, i miss summer and seth. huhuhu. especially seth. i don't know any other character whose favorite band is Death Cab.

that's all. byebye.


rEeYuH said...

i looove gio too. he's charming. lalo na nung episode na bday ni betty. i like amanda din. hehe

ngaun naman, ang fixation ko is pinoy movies.. one more chance (nice!), my bf's gf (so-so), my big love (to-watch), very special love (nice song).. hehehe

geWi said...

ako rin, i like amanda! katawa sya.

yung my bf's gf nakornihan ako, di ko nga tinapos eh. sino ba yung sa one more chance? v.special love.. naalala ko si harbie nung nakita ko ang advertisement hahaha.

harbie said...

hahaha! pwede mag-plug?! *lol*

A Very Special Love, July 30 na!

hahaha! uy pramis, matutuwa daw kayo dito. may US screening, taray no? hehe!

anyways, i'm a sucker for reality tv shows too, pero limited lang. i used to watch Hell's Kitchen, pero naiirita ako sa attitude ng host. bordering on good tv and bad manners. hehe!

uy guys, watch "I Survived a Japanese Game Show"! yung mga pinapagawa sa kanila, so hilarious and weird! lalo ka na gewi, who loves japanese stuff!

majide! =D

geWi said...

si chef gordon ramsey nga yung sa Hell's kitchen eh lol! i loveeee the f*cker ahahaha.

uy number 1 sa myx yung a very special love. grabeh.. ngayon lng ako ulit nanonood ng mtv since highschool lol. yun na ang source ko ng music eh, hindi na ako nakakapagradio.

rEeYuH said...

si lloydie rin sa one more chance. galeng nya! dun ko lng sya na-appreciate. kakilig din sya with sarah g... dun sa ASAP. nawala si sarah sa sarili. hehehe

*sings "i found a very special love..."

kaaliw nga ang mg J stuff.. kalokohan din.. hehe un jap tetris ba un? lolz

jane said...

yup! ok yung 'i survived a japanese game show'.. =D kaya lang every tuesday lang dito.. hehe..

mina-san.. majide! =D

o gewi.. kelan tayo punta ng japan? =D =D =D

geWi said...

waaah onga huhuhu. kelan ba ang matutuloy ang 'oh tokyo!' ko

pag malaki laki na si tsugtsug ehehe.