Thursday, July 24, 2008

...missing out

sometimes i feel sad when my folks go out without me.. my family and i still watch movies together.. lately i've missed quite a few good ones.. indiana jones, the dark night.. but of course, tsugtsug's too small yet.. i'll be too selfish if i insist on always going out with them, even if its just a stroll at a mall..

when i was pregnant, Switchfoot came to singapore.. my fave fave band huhuhu. i was 6 months pregnant.. i think it was really safe but you know.. it's always saf-ER to stay home and rest. i skipped on a lot of bands anyway.. franz ferdinand, fall out boy, my chemical romance, jet.. they all went to singapore but i didn't watch.

and who could forget the Tokyo trip. Not me. lol. i've always, alllways had a fascination with japan and anything japanese and i couldn't friggin go with my hubby. HU HU HU. again, was already late in the pregnancy.. and it was still winter cold at that time, i would've been very uncomfortable.

oh well.. can go out once tsugtsug becomes a toddler.. tokyo will always be there. the bands, i could watch on tv. am i growing too old for rock concerts? i dunno. i just realized.. shit, i'll be 30 in 2 years. O-M-G. that sounds too... near. and weird. moi? 30? lol. i remember watching Jeopardy Teen Tournament. and i was like.. 'are they kidding? these questions are so easy!' and then it hit me.. waahaha i'm NOT a teenager. of course it'll be easy. nyahaha. well.. i feel like one. (and act like one as well? lol) tsugtsug gives me oldie points.

i'm missing Pangs. he's gonna be here next week. Yey. i wish its Akel's wedding already so tsugtsug and I can go and be with his daddy. tsugtsug update: i was able to shower while he was in his rocker! granted, it was the fastest shower evah in history AND i had to go back because i still had shampoo residue.. it was still a milestone for me. and he's HAND sucking now.. AND i see the beginnings of a saliva machine. he also likes doing saliva bubbles now lol.

wait.. i hear him crying! later guys!


jane said...

i just remembered the story of my cousin's friend.. 8 months pregnant pumunta pa ng wisconsin for summer vacation.. with boat ride and jet ski.. yung tita ko naman 8 months din.. nakapila ng madaling araw para makipagunahan for the cubs game tickets.. ang tatapang =/

i dont think i can do that when it's my turn.. hehe..

and dont worry about tokyo.. nasa to do list pa natin yun.. =D

geWi said...

ay.. papalabas na rin dito yung i survived a japanese game show sa ch.23. yey!

Olivia said...

Hey Geri!! It's been so long nga...I can't believe you already have a baby. Naku, cherish this stage when Tsug Tsug still follows everything you want him to do. Yung baby ko ngayon ang favorite word ay NO