Tuesday, June 24, 2008

...elow daddy!

pangs came here for the weekend bearing tsugtsug gifts! the most important, and thankfully useful thing he brought was this Rocker Swing. The first time tsugtsug sat on it, he friggin fell asleep! as in! i couldn't believe it! i was jumping and hugging pangs when i saw those little eyes close! granted, it has yet to happen again, but i have faith! bwahaha. *positive thinking* he likes the swing a lot, he has slept on it for 45 minutes and when awake, he can stay for about 20. i know it doesn't seem much, but believe me, every minute of him being able to entertain himself is heaveeeen. i can actually write this blog! (he's currently on the swing)

here's tsugtsug sleeping on his new throne. the big hand's another gift.. the zaky!

nagulat ata si pangs kung gano na kalaki si tsugtsug ehehe. and he's not boring anymore ehehe. when pangs left tsugtsug would only cry and sleep.. now he stays awake for a couple of hours and smiles his gas off in a poopoo session..

meh milagrong ginagawa pag ngumingiti yan

who? me?

bilis din natuto ni pangs.. had to teach him how tsugtsug likes to be carried.. there's a science to the bounce-bounce dance ehehe.. he also learned that tsugtsug is a very smart baby.. he knows when there's a change in altitude lol. (read: he doesn't like you sitting down while holding him!)

and there will always be a photo session when his daddy is home:


what's up mommy?

anong kalokohan ito?

family portrait!

more pictures on his flickr site.

miss na namin ang daddy nya! (miss ka rin daw ni mommy, nakakatulog sya ng matagal eh hehe) his next visit is tsugtsug's binyag. can't wait!


harbie said...

i love your pics gurl! "pamily fortrait", terno pa ang momi and dadi! hehehe! ;-)

kelan pala binyag ni gavin? (did i miss a blog entry? or is this memory gap?) balitaan mo kami ha, at shempre pictures! =D

aMgiNe said...

haha anlaki nga ng boobs mo now gewi!!!! hehehehehe

wow kasya na kay gavin ung onesies =)

aMgiNe said...

hehe kulit mo din sabi syo wag nyo kargahin ng kargahin ako din di nakinig dati eh. hehehe at true ganyan talaga sila ayaw nila ng umuupo ka pag karga mo sila.

geWi said...

harbie.. sa next dating ng daddy nya ang binyag! (mga august)

erlyn.. bwahaha badtrip nga ngayon eh, ang saket, naengorge, tigas tuloy huhuhu. kanina pa ako hot compress ng hot compress ayaw mawala. sa karga.. eh kaawa eh! iyak pag hindi karga eh.

rEeYuH said...

yessss family pic! nice un pic nyo ni tsugtsug.

kelan ang binyag???