Friday, April 29, 2005

...guess who's getting married?

aside from me, of course... it's my thesis partner, AnShe!! my ISM kada got together last night and Anshe made the announcement over dinner..(we ate at Recipes, ang sarap ng crispy tadyang! lol) at long last, Jeff proposed to her after almost 5(?, i'm not sure..) years of being together..she showed her beaayuuutiful ring (for a second i thought they were already married 'cause it was a band with the stones set around it, hehe) they haven't set the date yet but hopefully it's on december or on the first quarter of next year..i'm super excited for her! and now i have my wedding expo-mate! yipeee! i could share to her my infinite(Lol) knowledge on caterers, photographers and other wedding paraphernalia to her..ALSO getting married is Jane, our ISM classmate.. she got engaged last April 9 and I just texted her to say my congrats.. pahiram daw ng magazines, sabi nya hehe.. gosh,.. bat parang ang babata pa namen? hehe.. si harbie kasi, siya salarin, siya nagsimula ng chain eh hehe..

anyway, it's month-end again so we'll be staying 'til morning here in the office to help out in whatever batch processing they do here.. i, personally, still don't understand the stuff they do during month-ends 'cause they usually give Pangs that job but Ma'am M might not be here next month-end so I'll hafto watch and learn tonight..

we're still pretty confident with the wedding preparations,.. we'll be going to SWAN on the 21st to settle everything and on the 7th, we'll be meeting John Aguas for the photo video stuff.. we'll be meeting Jaime Elizaga too, hopefully on the week after that.. we've also started canvassing for the wedding bands..though our budget is only 20k, we've found some great platinum pairs at Venice Jewellers for only 29k so we're still figuring out what to do..(there are even cheap, finely made 18k white gold rings for only 10k a pair at a shop in Gateway!) we're also thinking of ordering our rings to our local alahero.. here's a couple of designs that pangs and i like..tell me which one you like, the Row Ring (1st one) or the Flat Ring (2nd one)
Row Ring
Flat Ring

bye na muna! congrats Anshe! congrats Jane! 'til next blog!

huhuhuh. constantine's gone. OHHH HINDEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! leche kasi, nagRock pa na song. huhuhu. the song Bo Bice sang btw is my current favorite song, it's One Tree Hill's soundtrack, I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin Degraw.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005 struck (well kind of)

had one of my kapalmuks moments and photographed Jennylyn Mercado when we saw her at Gateway.. Pangs and I were buying Ma'am M's birthday present (we bought DKNY Delicious) when we noticed that the salesman cajoling over someone at the next booth.. it was Jennylyn and i just said "Jen!" then she turned around and I said "picture?" then without waiting for her answer I snapped away with my camera phone.
jennylyn mercado

harharhar. pangs said "i can't believe ginawa mo yun!" lol! ako rin, kaya ko pala yun hehehe. eh katabi ko lang eh, pwede ko ngang kalabitin eh edi pinicturan ko na para mapakita ko sa kapatid kong kapwa kapuso

ANYWAY, we've reached the 100k mark with our savings (woohoo!! just 200k to go... LOL! siyet) and we're so, so happy about it 'cause we've been saving for like 4 months only.. considering our lifestyle, (we eat out almost thrice a week!) it's a feat to save ANY amount actually.. guess we're reaping the benefits of our OTs..the LIPS project will be over by the end of May so we better learn how to be frugal so we could continue giving at least 7k every payday to our wedding fund..

uwi na kami ni pangs! try naming wag na mag overnite kasi nagkakasakit na kami (si pangs nilalagnat tsaka sinisipon tas ako ndi na magising ng madaling araw sa sobrang antuk!)..babayuuu!

meh caller id na kami. lagot kayong nangbubwiset samen!!! tapos na maliligayang araw nyo!! lol!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005 many choices, so little money

got hold of a directory for photo/video services and i've been spamming them since monday morning, hoping i could find a great portfolio that could actually FIT into our budget.. we didn't really expect packages to be THESE expensive.. i mean, the best one we've liked so far is a 40k package with 2 photographers and 1 videographer.. check him out..i absolute looove his photos.. i also like and the 40k package has 2 photographers, 2 videographers, 2 MINI albums, a prenup shooting and video in DVD. it's pretty complete but the only bad thing is his studio's in Las Pinas..super duper far.

i can't believe how many they are.. and how expensive! makes it more crucial for us to pick the perfect one for our wedding.. we also looooove (idol na namin, actually) dinolara photography.. simple layouts, (simple works! i don't get it why people don't get THAT.) photojournalistic approach, great and informative website.. if we can afford him, we'll get him.

btw, i bought myself a creative zen micro.. woohoooeyy! scrap that from my WISHLIST. /me does a jiggy-dance it has 5GB, FM tuner, voice recorder and comes in many colors.. i got the hot pink one.. wooohoooeyyyyy!
my zen micro

i'll see you guys. email me at if you know any photo/video stuff. thanks!!!

Thursday, April 07, 2005 blog

we went to another food-tasting trip last weekend,..this time at Auffrance Catering and D'Empire.. I had high expectations for Auffrance ('cause their packages are higher than Swan) and veryyy loow expectations for D'Empire but they still managed to disappoint us!! because of that, Pangs said that we should stop wasting taxi fare even if it means free food for us 'cause it just isn't worth it.. it blows my mind as to how they even get clients.. my dad cooks better for pete's just reaffirms our choice for Swan as our caterer.. still the best deal we've seen (and tasted!)

anyway, here are some cutesy babies i've met since i last posted.. lara, my HS kada's daughter, alyssa and my new inaanak, IEL who was baptized last march 27..oh, and miggy.. who i taught how to make the peace sign like every normal baby should do (hehe).. he got a BIT confused 'cause he said " i'm 3 not 2" LOL!





we also went to visit ching for her 2nd death anniversary (can't believe it's been two years).. here's kate, pangs and jing at Loyola

before i go.. SINCE this is MY blog, i just want to blow off some steam and tell you guys how much i absolutely HATE Rob and Amber of the Amazing Race 7.. i hate Rob for even thinking that Meredith pushed Gretchen so that they'll pity them.. grrr.. and for not even stopping for the brothers when they saw them ditched on the side of the road.. and i HAAATE Amber for grinning at his bigheadedness..SO WHAT if it's a don't have to lose your morals whenever you join a contest! and SUCHHH greediness. Let someone else have a chance at a million dollars. oh, i forgot.. they're friggin bums and joining contests are their only jobs. Rob's the ultimate winner for proposing to a millionaire. GRRRRR. please, please, please let them not be the winners.. I read some rumors that Uechenna and Joyce (whom i like!) won but the top 3 also includes the uber-bwiset-sana-pagduguan-ka-sa-tabi-ng-kalsada-walang-tumulong-sainyo Rob and Amber and the gay couple Lynn & Alex..

*whew* glad to get that off my non-existent chest. next time i'll write a petition to ban the couple in joining any more reality contests.

bye guys!