Sunday, February 23, 2003

i know, i know,... i haven't been blogging.. it's just that i've been busy (eh-em) with work (eh-em) and household chores.. hehehe

but i do have something new to write.. two BIG news.. one is big in the money.. the other is.. errr.. i don't even know how to start that one..

first.. meh PS2 nuhhhhh kooooooooooooo wooooohoooooooo *jumps up and down* .. can't believe my dad lent me money.. i'll be paying him back monthly.. which is sooooo cool 'cause at first, i was planning on using ate chary's cc but then the INTEREST alone would cost me 3 thou + bucks.. didn't even ask my father to pay cash.. he volunteered.. sooo happy.. was playing Minority Report yesterday till i was dizzy and my sister told me to shut the thing down.. hafto remember to bring the 3 (grr) PS2 games back 'cause they're not loading properly..

now for the other news.. hmm.. think i told this bit of news to 2 persons.. (only) .. haven't told anyone PERSONALLY cause i know i'll be PHYSICALLY assaulted (read: battered and bruised hehe).. i could hear it already.. "wahaha TANGA moooooo *wapaks ako* papaha-rass ka dunnn" LOL! okey.. so i'm not making sense.. i don't know WHERE and HOW to begin my story.. so i guess i'll just say what has been most bothering me..

our lips touched

NYEH yun lang.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. yun ngaaaaaa e. sa akin.. ala yun.. eh pag kinuwento ko.. wahahaha.. yari ako.

..think i'm having a smeagol/gollum moment here.. i'm actually contradicting myself.. tsk tsk tsk.. bad sign

hmmm.. but my friends do have a point.. SUMOBRA ata ang pag enjoy ko.. hehe.. i actually got pretty good advices from the 2 people whom i told this episode (a.k.a kalandian ko)

thoughts to ponder:
1. alam mo na ginagawa mo, geri
2. lahat ng sobra, masama.. (read: sobrang harutan bawal!)
3. everything in moderation, geri
4. di mo tuloy alam kung kikiligin ka or ma guilty ka
5. boundaries, boundaries, boundaries

hehe. and my point/s:
1. i'm not expecting anything from him
2. am just having fun :)
3. masaya, eh LOL

haha la wenta yung akin.

sige. ayan nagblog ako.

babayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *mwah sa CHEEKs* sa inyong lahat LOL!

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