Tuesday, April 03, 2012

...congratulations gavin!

gavin had his moving up event last month in his school.. and i didn't think i was the emotional mother who cries in these things.. but... i was. lol.

he's enrolled in a small school, near my parent's house. It's called Smart Kids Preschool (in Richdale,Antipolo). It's gavin's 2nd moving up day and i remember his past school programs.. he would cry or have a tantrum whenever he sees us in the audience, so what i would do is duck behind someone so he won't see us so he'll continue to perform. (He was just 2yo then) Last year, even after hiding behind someone, he just saw a lola that looked liked my mom (though my mom begs to differ lol) and held on to her and cried when we tried to pull him away and make him go back to the 'stage'. I was like "Huy gavin, look at her, she's not lola. lol!". Anyway, this year is much, much different. He would smile and wave to us and continue his dancing/whatever he's doing in front.

First was the 'walking of the graduates' on the aisle and he looked so handsome in his white polo (H&M, his daddy bought for him hehe.. my dad even said, "sayang, sana coat & tie" haha!). He walked with his hand behind his back and smiled at me while i was taking a video of him.

After that was like a prayer that the kids performed. He action-danced with the elder students and I was sooo proud of him, He was smiling while doing the actions and he looked like he was really enjoying. (next time, I hope they make him sing haha.. He knows all the songs by heart, and i *think* he's in tune)

Next were the certificates and special awards. He got a most improved award. He really has improved a lot, in terms of social skills, and being independent and being less bratty. lol. Most especially his school programs, as i've said earlier. He doesn't become fussy/irritable anymore and joins the performances.

I thought the awards were over, but after giving all the other kids their awards, the owner of the school, started something like this..."This award is for a very special boy....". She mentioned how Gavin was just very quiet when he first started there, but now he is active in class. She mentioned how surprised they were to find out Gavin already knew his letters and could even read 3 letter words. I remember the teachers telling me how fast Gavin memorized their school schedule and how he can read his classmate's nametags. The owner continued and said that now, Gavin can read a book from cover to cover and is good in Math and Science too. And then she said "We give this Academic Excellence Award to Gavin Arenas!" I thought i was gonna lose it right there and then and cry buckets of tears hahaha. I am just sooo proud of my little genius boy. I can imagine how teachers love him.. cause he is just sooo easy to teach and remembers every single thing I tell him.

We were once bored at the house and so i would start singing a first line of the song, and Gavin would guess the Title. He aced this game! I forgot the lines so I would just YouTube them, but even with just the instrumental intro, Gavin would already know the title. I just played songs he is familiar with, of course, but he knows a LOT. He could even remember the old songs I've taught him in the past. As long as he has YouTubed it before, he would know the title. Imagine me playing just the intro of Firework and he would know it. It was soo fun playing Guess the song title with him. I should make a playlist of his songs so we can play it while travelling. He likes a lot of pop songs, but now I've introduced him to Foster the people (Pumped up kicks) and he loves them haha. yey! He also likes One Direction hehe. I wanted to buy him a Magic Sing (or whatever karaoke system) but the songs there are old so he doesn't really know them. But i think as long as we play/sing it to him, he'll learn them quickly enough.

OMG I think I've turned into the mother who thinks her child is the brightest and smartest/most talented kid on earth. HAha. I think all mothers are like this anyway, so.. sorry. I've earned my bragging rights, .. right?

Here is gavin's moving up day with the owner of the school and his award. Untitled

and here is gavin with Binog and Lola Untitled

I was thinking of moving Gavin to a different school.. cause you know the feeling where you just want him to reach his full potential? I don't want to hold him back.. but on the other hand, I don't want to pressure him. That's why I shy away when people tell him he is gifted.. I just like to think that he is really,really smart. Binog is already 1.5 yo... this was the age when Gavin was already doing Gymboree and playschool in Singapore.. so now, Binog can also join Gavin's school. At least they can go to school together, and Gavin can learn some responsibility, and how it is to be a Kuya. So I'll hold back for one more year before transferring Gavin to a new school, so they can at least be together. Next week will be the start of Summer class at Smart Kids Preschool and I'm excited for Binog! I'm betting he'll love it. He likes to do whatever his Kuya is doing. For Binog, I don't expect him to be as smart as his Kuya Gavin but i just know he'll excel in other things. He is such an easy-going baby,.. very independent when it comes to eating and is very playful and loves music. I feel he'll be our sportsman in the family too.

Anyway, this became such a long post. This week is holy week.. we'll be going to Batangas for some family time. Hope I could post some pictures this time. Bye for now!

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beng said...

huwaw kuya gavin, congratulations!!! and of course congrats to momma gewi and daddy raymond too! ;-) good job! =)

if you were bragging, you have every reason to do so momma gewi! gavin is advanced for his age, and i know what you mean about letting him reach his full potential. baka kasi ma-bored na sya dahil higher level na ang kaya nya. if he likes the challenge, i guess there's no harm. i don't think you're the type who will force him to school pag ayaw nya don. hehe!

i can only imagine your happiness mare. =) si pistoy nga, nadifferentiate lang yung apple sa heart, nag-riot na kami sa tuwa eh. hahaha! =P i never thought being a mom is so much fun, and so rewarding. so yeah, brag if you want to, we won't judge. what are friends for? *lol*