Tuesday, January 17, 2012

...upcoming wedding anniversary

it's gonna be our 6th on the 21st! imagine that.

it hasn't been a smooth road.. but we are still trying and fighting for our marriage. (though sometimes we just literally fight. haha) i guess that's the deal breaker.. once you've stopped trying and stopped caring, you know your marriage is in trouble.

Pangs is coming home this 19th until the 30th.. yey! quite a long number of days than the usual weekender. i am sooo looking forward to it. i just want to reconnect again with him and spend more time with him (just him! chupi muna ang mga kiddos!) We have a few weekend getaways planned.. Tagaytay lang. I don't know about you.. but WE love Tagaytay. Maybe because this is where I first said 'Yes!' to Raymond.. Back in September (uh..oh.. something.. lol) 2005, we commuted (yes, we did! that in itself was an adventure) to Sonya's Garden and where we officially became gf and bf.

I'm so excited! It'll be just the 4 of us, no yayas, no parents. I read somewhere that we should always have these times.. albeit it'll be more difficult without a yaya, we will manage and we will learn and we will have a fantastic time.

I already have my outfits planned in my head. hahahaha.

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