Tuesday, November 08, 2011

...lookout streets, newbie driver here

I've been driving these past few weeks... And everyday seems like there's a new adventure (or stupidity.. depends if u see the glass half empty)

Pangs had been prepping me before he left for HK.. We would drop off ate chary at her office then i would takeover the wheel and drive to my office and park the car there. Later that night, raymond would get the car and after he fetches me, we would switch and i would drive going to ate's office. First time i was alone, i was still nervous (actually nerves havent left me still while driving) but i remember the song playing on the radio... Need to be next to you by leigh nash...(love that song). So there i was... Singing to let the nerves out... "i need to be next to you......aaaa-aaaahhhh" . What a great feeling. The parking was a multi- level parking, but since i've practiced beforehand with pangs...i've managed to park without mishaps.

Going to ate chary's office after work was another story.

First of all, while i was driving down the circular path, i realized i havent practiced that before. Pangs would always be the one to take the car out of the parking building. So while i was thinking "shit hindi ko napractice toh" and "shit mas mahirap pala ang pakanan na curba, di ko makita nguso ko" my rear right wheel drove up the gutter wahaha. Ooopsie was driving too near the right gutter. AND then when it was time for me to go to the cashier lady, i swerved too far and couldnt reach her even if i stretched out my left arm to give her the parking ticket. Sooooo i had to step my left foot out the car to get her to take my ticket. That part was still fine. It was when i had to take the change, that i forgot my right foot was still stepping on the brake pedal. So when i stepped my left foot out to take the change, i forgot all about the brake and lifted my right foot a tiny bit from it. And of course all i needed was that tiny moment of relapse and the car moved with my ass half sitting half standing up and my left foot still out of the car. "shit. Umandar." The cashier lady probably still remembers me.

Good thing i got my new car last oct 29th ( after binog's first birthday celeb... a different post)! Maybe she wont recognize me and just be mesmerized on how cuuutieee patooey my new suzuki swift is. Harhar. (as if. I bet the cashier lady thinks, "oh no, nagbago pa ng kotse")

Katas ng singapore ni pangs. Thank youuuuuuuuuu. Driving a car has been a heck lot easier than driving an SUV. I dont have that problem of not seeing the car right beside the passenger seat (kasi pag mataas, tas mababa yung asa kanan, di ko kita). Parking has been waaaay easier. (oh, kasya na?)

So thats my usual routine. Ate and i will go to work together. Before the swift, i would just switch with her once we reach her office, now, i drive all the way from our house to my office. I will then fetch her and we will go home together.

Problem was, i didnt realize ive been solely relying on HER for directions. My short term memory centered brain refused to acknowledge that it was essential for me to remember these stuff! So first time when i had to kill time in boni high street, a 2minute drive took me friggin 15 minutes because i took MULTIPLE wrong turns going from boni high street to her office. To think you could actually SEE the friggin building from the parking lot. I was circling the fort like some idiot on a cruise tour. I almost got to kalayaan without her! Second time i went home on my own, i circled frigging the fort again and almost exited going to makati. (*coughsdumbass*) siiiighhhhhs.

And then, there's the motion sickness. Who the f*ck gets car sick from their OWN driving. Wahaha there was one time i felt sick i thought i was going to puke on my car's new car smell. (i think it was because i was hungry though). Then there's the pain on the knee no one told me about. We usually have to endure 2 hours of traffic every night and no one told me about the knee pain. Now, i dont position the seat too near the wheel, i try to stretch my legs a bit so i wont feel cramped.

Anyway, my other sister ate ging told me its also because i'm a newbie driver, tense pa daw ako sa tuhod. She said i'll get used to it and enjoy the freedom later. I am beginning to like driving.... But i dont know when ill stop being nervous about it. Takot ako mabangga. But i dont want to be a puny driver, how can i call myself an Espinosa and be a puny driver. Being a good driver is supposed to be in our genes. Si ate chary nga natuto eh. Ako rin dapat. If you just saw me driving while daddy was teaching me at the passenger seat,...kay stressful! He was urging me like "go go go masisingitan ka" or " ay osla (that's laos kay daddy) alanganin ka kasi" or "wag ka dito, mabagal ang lane na toh" ( but i like this lane. I dont want to make singit huhu). LOL.

Oh well. Umaga na. *cue in Incubus's drive* "whatever tomorrow brings ill be thereeeeeee with open arms and open eyes yeahhhh. Hold the wheel and driveee"


akel said...

really like the car!

sana pag nakita ko wala pa masyadong gasgas! hehehe :D peace!

ingat parati ate geri!

beng said...

HUWAAAAW!!!! =) new tsikot! congrats mare, so happy for you! at ang gara ni pangs ha, pakotse-kotse na lang! hehehe! ;-) pasakay naman dyan sa december! =)

and do post pag may first bangga ka na. *lol* it happens, it's just a matter of when. ;-)

enjoy driving! korek sila, sa simula lang yang hirap na yan. in my case, nag-relax lang ako after kong mabangga (multiple times... remember Mike, my toyota corolla bump car?) ilang parking pegs sa UST ang may paint chip ni Mike. hehe!

ps. "osla" *lol* si tito, kabogable! hehe!