Saturday, June 18, 2011

...blake shelton post

forgive me, but i am majorly fangirling now. since watching The Voice, i have been cyberstalking one of the coaches, Blake Shelton. gawd he is one hot dude. aaaand super nice aaaaand super funny. i just watched him in Leno this morning (yeah, morning here) and what he said about Xenia is such an "awwweeeshucks" moment. He was like "the oklahoma guy in me is not sending this little girl home". soooo sweet!

so now i've officially reactivated my twitter account (go_gewi, add me up guys!) to continue my cyber stalking. gawd. his tweets are frikin hilarious. "describe christina aguilera in one word: boobies!" LOL.

i tried for 10 seconds to listen to his music, but stopped immediately with all the country rhyming. i'm a fan of HIM, not really his music hehehe.

i'll just add him to my google alerts and i'm all set.

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