Wednesday, March 02, 2011

...happy 4th month binog!

Hi baby B! Happy 4th! I know it's late, but better late than never. (or i can pretend that i dutifully bought you a cake and took your picture every 26th of the month)


You are still the same happy, bubbly baby boy. You can now roll sideways, lift your head in a 45degree angle and can put some weight on your knees! (woooah, don't stand up yet baby!) You still don't sleep through the night, but as long as you give me a straight 4 hour rest at night, i'm happy.

I'm still watching a lot of Korean dramas.. which makes me think that the sound you're making is Korean. "Aigoooo. Aigoooo".

I'm still in a gigil phase.. I love kissing your chubby little feet. (oh, and you like to hold them too) When you're in my arms, you're like a cute big saliva-making ball.. I sing to you T-ara's Bo Peep. bo peep bo peep bo peep boaahhhh. (you seem to like Kpop).

Anyway, happy 4th!.. oh no, 2 more months, then you'll be eating solids. sad. yeah, it makes me sad. it makes things more complicated. i like that i just leave the house with diapers and a onesie for you. now i have to deal with steaming, blending, freezing fruits/veggies. oh well. i hope you won't be a fussy eater like your big brother. ( i have a feeling you wouldn't be woohoo) *mwah mwah*

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Mec said...

9 days lang pala tanda ni binog kay yamee!!! gumagapang ka na ba binog? hahaha...

shucks...gapang palayo satin yun... *ouch*