Monday, February 07, 2011

...korean fest

things have settled in around here so i've got some time to watch some korean dramas.. which makes me want to go to Korea again. I just want to have a Korean drama tour.. not just the usual places (like the temple in Jewel in the Palace) but also places from my recent favorite dramas like You're Beautiful,.. or Mary Stayed out all night.. or Playful Kiss. I would document what i would want to see, take a screen shot.. then when i'm in korea, find the exact location and take the exact picture. (with me in it of course lol) I would re-make my favorite korean poses.. piggyback ride with pangs.. biking on a pink bicycle with a basket with a scenic background.. drinking at a street hawker with those green bottles..or maybe go inside one of their crazy videoke rooms.. (never mind if it's all korean songs haha) haaay sarap mangarap. the dream's quite achievable though.. cause CebuPac is now flying to Korea and sometimes they go on sale.. if we weren't leaving, makapunta sana kami. I was able to see a booking for only 12k, kaming 3 na yun (may bayad na si tsug eh).. kaya lang June eh, most likely we're still in SG. i'm saying 'still' because we've been talking a lot about us going back home to Pinas permanently. Live in our house, drive around in our car.. just to have some sort of permanency in our lives.. we've never really felt at home in SG.. what with the lack of affordable landed properties and absurd taxes on the cars.. and their school's insistence on learning a 'Mother tongue' that's not OUR Mother Tongue. it's not written in stone though.. we have to consider A LOT of things.. raymond's salary for one.. we definitely have to downgrade our lifestyle when we go back.. learn how to manage our finances better.. deal with the traffic and safety/security issues.. and our dismal high taxes for the benefit of corrupt officials.. lack of breastfeeding rooms.. (talagang issue saken ano haha).. but mostly talaga sa safety issues ako concerned.. sa sg, i'm almost never worried kay raymond and vice versa.. kahit kami lang ni tsug gumala-gala, okey lang sa kanya.. kahit late na, manonood pa ako ng movie with a friend, okey lang.. dito sa pinas, asa loob na ng bahay parents ko, nanakawan parin sila sa bahay. hay.

na-off topic naman ako. where was i? oh, korean dramas. I'm gonna watch Personal Taste next. it's starred by the guy from boys over flowers.

hmmmmm. just thinking of pangs. i'm lucky we're blessed enough that we can afford for me to stay at home and be a full time mom. i guess, i dont really want to go back to being a programmer. if i'm going back to work, it'll be for something different.. like a preschool teacher. pag dito na kami sa pinas, aaral ako ng Early Childhood. Sabi nga ng HS friend ko, domesticated na talaga ako, Kasi I told her, i can't imagine going back to an office environment.. sitting in front of a computer the whole day.. listening to a crappy boss.. having only the weekends to spend with my kids.. dreading mondays.. (i like mondays now, kasi tsug has school and i can rest for a couple of hours hahaha). I want to have my own preschool na lang.. nothing big time, just a small neighborhood preschool, at our own house.. plus i'd have the perfect excuse to buy more toys!! lol. But before that happens.. first we must decide to go home na for good.. then for me to study again.. and finally to have enough funds to start the business..

for now.. i get to do some 'on the job' training on my kids.


beng said...

*sigh* sana rin di na ko kailangang magtrabaho. it's more than a lifestyle change pag nag-quit ako eh.

anyway, good luck gewi and raymond! sana matuloy ang preschool plans. gusto mo magtayo ng branch dito sa FL? =)

geWi said...

malay mo harbie kaya naman. kami rin naman eh, nung umpisa, parang hindi kaya.. pero ayun, God will provide.

kung babalik ako magwork as programmer, para sa money lang talaga, para makaipon kagad. ndi na rin kasi ako 'career driven' (never naman talaga eh hehe)

beng said...

siguro if i don't have to help sa family/relatives ko sa pinas, kaya naman siguro. or kahit part-time lang ako. or other field na hindi kasing time-and-effort-demanding. kahit naman nung wala pa si jecobie, di naman ako ganon ka-ambitious sa career eh. never kong ginusto na maging manager or lead. sakit lang sa ulo yon. hehe! i'll take a salary increase, i don't mind the title. =P

geWi said...

same same here. kaya sa last job, medyo oks na rin kasi support eh. pag uwi ko, ndi na ako nagiisip ng 'logic' .. lammo yun, diba pag programmer, nananaginip ka pa pag meh problem eh haha.

good luck saten. sana nga makakita tayo ng money making scheme na can give us enough free time for our kids.

janeius said...

pareparehas tayo ng pangarap.. hehe.. =) iba na pala talga once na maging parent ka.. ako, til now nananaginip pa din ng code.. hahahah!

beng said...

pag naiisip kong babalik na ko sa trabaho in 3 weeks, nagkaka-anxiety attack ako. haha! i love my job, pero ayoko nang iuwi sa bahay like nung pre-pistoy era. just gotta work more efficiently now. hehe!