Wednesday, December 22, 2010

...3 days before christmas!

wasn't able to get ANY shopping done.. so the stress of christmas shopping was mostly passed on to my parents and to pangs.. wala ngang gift si pangs eh =( (what's new! bad wifey!) i'm still coping at home, tsug's school is in a break so he's mostly home, ergo, very hard to entertain. i've been a bit bad, letting him watch mostly nick jr from 9-11am.. it's nice though cause he has learned (both of us, actually) quite a few chinese words from NiHao Kai-Lan haha.. (though i have no idea when i'm going to find the chinese word for Dinosaur useful :p)

Binog is still behaving relatively well.. although we've been having trouble with his bottle feeding this past couple of days.. just 2 days of no bottle, and he already forgets how to suck one! He bottle feeds usually once a day, when tsug takes a nap so i can take a nap as well. (around 2:30-4:30pm) But Sunday and Monday, he wasn't able to use a bottle so come yesterday, he was already super fussy on it. Eh i wasn't able to give Yaya clear instructions that when he refuses to feed, to wake me up (kasi siguro, first time nag-inarte ni binog sa bote, maybe she thought binog just wasn't hungry) So after almost 3 hours of not feeding, when he latched on me, super bilis magdede, nasamid tas biglang nagsuka! as in may projectile waaah wawa. In less than 5 minutes, he soaked his whole face, my blouse PLUS the sofa that i was sitting on. at least i saw that he really gets a LOT of milk, even if it's just 5 minutes of latching. (super suckers talaga ang babies hehe.. no pump can mimic them!) super kawawa! so i just ditched the bottle and let him feed on me.

today, when he was fussing again with the bottle, ni-latch ko muna siya saken. when he was calmed down, saka ko inattempt mag bottle again. he started wailing again but this time, i stood my ground and after a lot of cajoling (and singing and pleading and praying) he latched on the bottle and was able to drink around 2 oz. *sighs* ang hirap!!!

it's sooo weird cause just last week, i was having trouble naman with his latching on me directly! eto naman yung nagbobote sya ng 2 consecutive nights kasi naglakwatsa si mommy hehe. (watched Hp with erlyn tapos i met up with my HS friends naman the next night ata). Kasi when i feel the 'let-down' of milk, bigla syang titigil maglatch na parang naooverwhelm sa pag-gush ng milk.. unlike the bottle of course na steady lang ang flow.. so laging sandali lang maglatch saken, pagnaglet down ako.. tigil na kagad! waah!

anyway, tomorrow we'll see how it goes. basta, strict na ako from now on sa "once a day bottle" rule. ayaw ko na maulit yung keh tsug nun na kambal tuko kami hanggang 22 months sya. (ni-hindi man lang ako makapag pagupit ng maayos nun eh!)

speaking of tomorrow.. dating na si pangs bukas! yey. though very short trip, at least he's here for christmas. weeeeee! we'll be spending it at bulacan sa christmas eve then with my parents on christmas day. it's binog's first christmas! it's gavin's first christmas wherein he can actually remove the christmas wrappers himself! it's his first christmas wherein he can say 'merry christmas!' hehe.

so from me, pangs, tsug and binog.. a merry merry christmas to all of you! just check my wishlist in amazon for your gifts hahaha!

angel gavin


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