Monday, July 12, 2010

...tsug's first day at his new school

...was a sucess! i couldn't believe how well behaved he was.. as the owner said 'not a single tear'.. i guess medyo sanay na rin sya dahil nga meh school sya sa singapore.. he just went in and started playing with the toys and the other kids.. he was really enjoying himself with the singing of songs, the dancing.. i guess it's more fun dancing with kids his age than with an oldie like his mommy hehe.

my presence in the classroom was even a distraction for him.. because everytime he sees me seated at the corner, he would go out of the circle and go to me.. but once his teachers call him, he joins them again.. what surprised me was him following the instructions of the teachers.. commands like 'put your card on the bulletin board' (every student puts his picture on the board, parang attendance), 'sit on your mat', or 'line up with your classmates'.. na-amaze talaga ako ehehe. (bakit saken hindi sya ganong masunurin!?? lol!).. pati nga yung 'taste this'.. (kasi different tastes ang lesson for the day.. ) he really ate the green mango! lol! (katawa lang itsura after) tsug also impressed his teachers because he can easily solve puzzles, he knows his colors (sya nga lang yugn sumisigaw sa teacher pag tinatanong 'what color is this?'), letters and numbers!

we also enrolled tsug in gymboree (hectic ang sched ni tsug! lol).. this time, it's just once a week, every saturday.

tsug's first day in school:

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