Thursday, June 24, 2010

...on breastfeeding

i woke up in the middle of the night again and started thinking about my HS batchmate who just gave birth and announced it in facebook.. i commented with "congrats! don't forget to breastfeed!" then her husband replied with "breastfeeding is good but not for a 'lifetime'" (lifetime was really in quotes).. i didn't reply back because i was afraid i'll appear a die-hard (treehugging) advocate of breastfeeding.. but since this is my blog.. i'll reply here.. "A COUPLE OF MONTHS IS HARDLY A LIFETIME" lol. sorry. i just needed to vent.

i see all these facebook statuses of my friends' babies having allergies, amoebiasis, getting confined and all that's just so disheartening.. of course, i can't solely blame the formula.. but i am blaming 80% on it. lol.

sa dami ng kilala kong buntis ngayon, sana meh magbreastfeed sa kanila (paging jane, harbie, anshe, my sister,etc.).. i know it's hard.. but i've encountered every single obstacle in breastfeeding and if i can do it, i see no reason why you guys can't too. never mind the new baby paraphernalia,.. the best gift you can give your baby is your milk. and i hope the husbands are involved too. because without the husband's support, it's just so so so so easy to listen to your crying baby and give in to the pressure of 'ginugutom nyo na daw ang baby nyo' and give the synthetic crap.

every bottle of formula you give to your newborn, tells your body that it doesn't need to supply that amount of milk anymore. and for every time, i hear the excuse 'i didn't have enough milk", "hindi kaya eh, kulang" i just wanted to shout out loud and ask them, "HOW LONG DID YOU TRY??" (but of course i just smile.. but in mind i'm thinking.. "if you say so".. yeah, i'm a bitch lol) you have to give at least 2 weeks of just pure breastmilk before you can even say that. and pumping is NOT the measure of how much milk you can produce. the baby is the best sucker (lol) than any manufactured pump. pump after 2 to 2.5 weeks if you're going to work to introduce the bottle.

i know it's harder for working moms.. but at least give the baby breastmilk when you're still in maternity leave..

don't think 'IF kaya' .. kaya talaga, i don't want to hear 'WALA AKONG milk eh' kasi i'm your friend and i'm gonna tell it to your face. bullsh*t! i'm being a hard ass because breastfeeding may be difficult, but you're going to thank me in the long run when your babies haven't seen the inside of a hospital until he gets his tuli!


janeius said...

hahaha! with feelings talga =p

dont worry, im into the idea of breastfeeding.. lalo na sa benefits nun for the baby.. =)

nasa baby registry ko nga yung breast pump.. kahit almost $400 sya! lol!

sana madami din akong milk like one of our friends here.. sa sobrang dami daw, natatapon na yung iba.. =S

geWi said...

sana nga! meron talagang super dami ang milk.. basta don't worry pag konti lang yung sayo, it's enough for your baby.

beng said...

power of malunggay janey. hehe! i was told by other mom-friends na kumain na ng malunggay-rich food even before giving birth.

heck i'm gonna breastfeed too. para saan pa ang big "milk jugs" na to? hehehe!

ps. gewi, that jerk hubby is just jealous that his kid will have more boob time than him. screw him.