Thursday, May 13, 2010

...super lazy

that's what i've been feeling these past few weeks.. i just want to lie down ALL day which is not even remotely possible. i want to sleep till 10am, eat then lie down again.. watch my favorite shows while lying on bed, maybe eat ON the bed if i can get away with it.. or maybe i can go on some beach resort, drink mocktails (yes, while lying on a hammock) and absolutely do nothing.. *sighs while singing* "pangarap ka na lang baaaa..."

it's not that i'm not getting support from my husband.. far from it.. but i still feel alone sometimes in this pregnancy.. and of course, i have this nagging feeling that i'm not taking care of myself better.. i've been taking babynoname for granted.. i sometimes forget to take my prenatal vitamins.. i haven't been eating well (or at all..) i've been sipping coke and munching on lays.. (just a few sips and a few munches lol) .. i'm not even blogging about him/her that much.. AND his/her ultrascans are all over the house, if not entirely missing. i've been feeling so down with this pregnancy.. i'm at home, hardly any adult interaction, and have been neglecting tsug a bit.. i've been doing it the easy way.. letting him watch tv or play the iphone instead of trying to play with him..i'm aware i'm doing this but its just so hard to find the energy to get off the couch..

at least i've been eating more.. i would be asked "ano pinaglilihian mo?" and my answer would be the same..."nothing". i didn't like anything. everything smelled bad thus everything tasted bad. i had zero appetite. and i would get sick and throw up which is something new to me. with tsug, i only threw up from motion sickness from a taxi ride.. now even brushing my teeth makes me sick.. i have to be very very careful in doing it.. then your husband will tell you "it's all in the mind"..i wanted to scream at him "oh my effing gawd, seriously!? tell that to all the preggers" it's NOT just in my mind.. i woke up one day and the nauseousness was gone. and believe me, i wasn't thinking positive thoughts then. lol. it's what you call "2nd trimester".

haaay. i'm gonna.. guess what? yup.. lie down now.. while watching V.. aliens are extremely entertaining.


janeius said...

wanted to scream lang? buti ka pa..

ako, pag sinasabi ng pangga ko na 'ok lang yan'.. sasagot ako ng 'ikaw! ikaw kayang magbuntis!!' mwahahaha! tapos tatawa na lang kami.. haaay..

beng said...

hahaha! i dunno if being "ignored" by hubby while having morning sickness is better than being smothered with care.

minsan matigilan lang ako sa ginagawa ko, je will ask na agad "are you ok?", and ask me a litany of questions on how i would feel better. one time i just held my hand up to him and said "sssshhhh!!!". *lol*

geWi said...

hehe beng, enjoy it. ganyan din si raymond dati noh! pero can't blame the guy, from work he still looks after tsug, kaya pagod nga talaga.

medyo nagkakatummy na ako (pero parang busog lang ehehe) kaya mas conscious na rin si raymond saken lol!