Friday, May 08, 2009

...back in sg. got here last monday and so far, so good. already have a routine for tsug.. he has started waking up around 7:30 am (as i predicted, harhar), a relief from his usual 6/6:30am .. sun rises here much later than in Manila...

i've prepared and frozen his food for this week.. chicken soup for lunch, and broccoli/leek/carrots in white sauce for dinner.. the latter was not that successful, but when i added some chicken broth, it was much more well-received hehe.. (think it was too gooey for him the first time) .. as soon as he naps, i put the frozen cubes in the baby food warmer, tidy up a bit, wash our dishes then i get to use the computer after! yey! mostly i've been watching some missed tv shows but now i felt the urge to blog, because i've been feeling very productive lately and i want to show off my domestic accomplishments haha. i've decided to just wash dishes as soon as we use them or clean up right after a meal, i find it's easier this way.

since turning 1, i have introduced some new food in his diet.. cheerios for breakfast and yogurt with some plums and pears i've simmered and chopped.. he surprisingly loves the yogurt.. the cheerios is something he's getting used to. he's still not very good with chewing and swallowing lumpy food, but every article in the net says just keep trying so that's what i'm doing. (/me sing ala Yo Gabba Gabba.. keep trying, keep trying.. don't give up.. don't give up) he also likes cheese.. so maybe i'll give him yogurt with cheese with his fave cinnamon graham biscuits later.

i am definitely more mentally prepared this time around.. our set up before was i just concentrate on tsug and let Pangs do all the household stuff.. now i want to do my part and i think i'm getting the hang of it. it's also a huuuge deal that tsug sleeps on the bed now.. he used to just sleep on my chest, hence, the 'all i do is take care of tsug' attitude.. now i have time to clean up and actually do stuff i enjoy doing, like blogging! double yey!

i haven't made tsugtsug's birthday kwento yet.. still waiting for the photographer's pictures.. but the bottom line is.. it was so much fun!!! we had such a blast and i could see every kid there had a great time.. tsug was also well behaved and wasn't too cranky considering it was almost a whole day event. there was lots of food (TG! haha) and parents had to yank their kiddos to get outta of the pool..

anyway, more birthday kwento later.. here's a sneak peek: (grabbed from my balloon decorator, partyboosters)



jacque said...

thank you geri and raymond! alex told me he had fun in your party. as in uber fun daw kasi your guests were sooo game! winner! will wait photos from ging! sana meron na! hahaha. :)

janeius said...

mwahahaha! *LOL*

i went to the site of the balloon decorator.. went to the photos page and said.. "hmmm.. tsugtsug, tsugtsug.. wala namang birthday album para kay tsugtsug.. =/"

hahahah! kaka-tsugtsug natin.. i forgot his real name.. buti na lang you have the sample pic on this blog entry.. plus alam ko kung ano yung theme.. hehe.. that helped =D

rEeYuH said...

naks mukhang uber fun ang party! ni-career ba naman ata ng stage mudra hehehe

Happy Mother's Day!