Monday, May 19, 2008 tsugtsug!

aka Gavin Laurence Arenas, 7.3 lbs, normal delivery

and loadsss more here: tsugtsug's flickr site

got so much to tell.. so little time. (before the little one wakes up) nyahaha. everything so far has been overwhelming.. from my labor to taking care of this little baby. we're now settled in my parents house (ate ging left already huhu..) and Pangs was able to set up this computer at our room so i'll hopefully stay connected.

birthing story coming up soon!


jane said...

*group hug with gewi & pangs nya* =p
*kisses gavin on the forehead*


aMgiNe said...

kamuka mo!!!

bibeduck said...

Hi schoolmate! Aliw naman the pose of your baby, para syang si Ben Stiller sa Zoolander, naka-"Oooh"! hehehe!

Congrats again!

harbie said...

tsug tsug!!!! myghad i can't believe i missed a lot on your blog gewi! *hugs*

so happy for you guys!!! *hugs ulet* =D