Friday, June 22, 2007

...random stuff

i know its late, but am quite bored here in the office. actually, bored is not the right word, its lazy. i have so much stuff to do, but i don't feel like doing them. so i'm back here blogging! can't believe i've started feeling lazy even with blogging. *sighs*

7 random things about me:

i'm very ningas cogon. i get really, really excited on an idea but never have the drive to follow through. that's why i can't keep a hobby. i easily lose interest.

i'm probably the only person who actually likes her motorola razr phone. despite the numerous complaints about it, i can't imagine putting anything thicker in my pocket. when i ask people with big phones how they manage to put it in their pockets they will say "oh, i'm not the type who puts their phone in their pocket", i will mutter to myself "that's because you CAN'T". ha!

listening to music in my mp3 player is always exciting. I'm on shuffle mode and half the music i have is something unfamiliar. that's because i usually download by band/artist and will get stuff that haven't been released.

i'm a daddy's girl. i listen to every single of my father's suggestions, it drives my husband crazy.

we live near the red-light district in SG. i'm used to seeing hookers on the street.

i miss watching GMA shows. i miss regine, kyla, janno and most importantly, Eat Bulaga! I miss Jose!!! (you know my dad knew Wang-bu before Bamboo? lol)

i'm watching Pinoy Big Brother and want to head the Oplan Kamatis against Wendy. Arrgh. I swear, if i'm in Pinas, I will go the house and bring banners like "Wendy-monyita" or "Wendy Asal Squatter" or something like that and throw her tomatoes.

Hehe, i hate Wendy so much. But I hate Bruce and Nel even worse. and I miss GMA so much! huhuhhu.

Stuff that happened since I last blogged:
1. Held a poker night at our house with my college friends.. Jane, Regi, Celina and of course Anshe. I won the 2nd round so I won 8dollars hehehe!
2. We went to Bintan, Indonesia. It's just a 45 minute ferry ride from Singapore. I liked Bintan, we stayed at Nirwana beach club, it was one of the cheap resorts but it was cool cause we were able to go to the bigger Nirwana resort. Now THAT was beautiful. Pictures to follow.
3. Pangs got promoted! He's now an official IBMer. congrats to you Pangs. (and congrats to me. BWA HA HA HA)
4. I have been smoke free for 37 days now. It started as a bet with my Pangs. A Lacoste bag that i wanted if I stay smokefree for 30 days. But even after the sale, the bag still costs 167 sgd dollars. I started feeling guilty cause that's a looot of money which we could use for tiles in our house! lol! Anyway, I'm still smoke-less. Pangs told me if I can't quit, he's gonna make me call the Hotline for help. haha.
5. Kairita ang boss ko. Major. I don't even know where to start. It can be the way he speaks, or the way he clears his throat every 5 seconds. Or his awful plastic-smile. wahahaha.

That's all.

Got a couple of preggy friends. Good luck! (erlyn and joy) hope to see your babies when we go home this Christmas!


harbie said...

uhmmm, what's your name again?! sorry, it's been so long i forgot it already. hehehe!

good job gewi, smoke-free! keep it up!

ang congrats to Pangs for the promotion! libre naman dyan! hehehe!

will wait for the pics ha... musta naman ang mga tau-tao. wala na bang strip 1-2-3-pass? *lol*... "The Pillowship of the Ring"....

erlyn said...

wow congrats naman sa promotion ng yong pangs. at sana nga magkita tayo pagbalik mo pinas kasi singilin kita ng pasalubong sa anak ko. hehehe