Friday, February 23, 2007

...AI talk!

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this week was the performance night of the top 24 guys and girls.. bottom line, guys sucked, girls rule! (and white girls can't sing.. harhar) i liked the last girl, she was waaay too awesome. Now I have these super high expectations from her so she better be good at every single night. The guys were just plain mediocre. Even my favorite, Chris Sligh, wasn't that good. I guess his voice isn't really that extraordinary (oh well, he still has his humour). I've been reading his blog and his favorite band is Muse (we're the same! hehe) that's why I liked him. I also liked the Black backup singer guy but his Rock With you performance was very iffy. I mean, even if its a great song, he just didn't sing it THAT well. I dunno. The last guy was just plain lucky. He was able to stand out with his okay performance of Edwin Mccain's I could not ask for more just because the other guys performed so dismally. All the black girls sang great. The white girls just didn't cut. I'm so disappointed that the Antonella girl (who sang I don't wanna miss a thing) didn't get eliminated. She is soooo ready to go. I had to fast forward her performance because I was embarassed for her. The guy who sang Keane was so-so, but again, he stood out because at least he sang a modern song. and I haaated the guy who sang the Gavin degraw song.. ekk, he sounded like Mickey Mouse who got his tail stepped on or something. Anyway, it sure feels like a girl's gonna win it this time. I liked Lakisha (unbelievable performance) and the girl backup singer (who's sooo sweet. and she's so likeable)
It's been pretty busy at work, you can't believe I worked last sunday for 12 hours. demmit. At least i got 150sgd bucks for it. (underpaid!) But now I'm looking for a vacation. So I'll end this blog with this song..

"Manila, Manila... I keep coming back to Manila"

Bye guys!

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erlyn said...

hey kelan ka babalik aber?