Saturday, January 13, 2007

...the week that was

January 8, 2007

System Time: 2:48 PM

i have a freakin' stiff neck. it hurts sooo much. it's my 2nd day already, it has improved a little, at least i could move my head to the left already! my head is still permanently tilted to the right, though. it looks like i'm always inquiring or something. at least it makes me look interested. harhar. ooh demmittttt. i just tried, you know, untilting my head.. i tried to straighten it and i got this SHOOTING pain that is so extremely painful. huhuhu. why the fuck did i attempt that. i drank my last dolfenal and mefanamic acid's the only one working for me so far. wa epek ang ibuprofen/paracetamol. kapag bukas meron parin, mag m-mc na talaga ako!

System Time: 4:18 PM

i am so sleepy. and so much in pain! what a combi. i am so catching the 520pm bus.. hope i don't run in some bad luck and have them looking for me after i leave. as if i've done anything work related today. as usual.

Jnauary 9, 2007

System Time: 10:40 AM

i'm feeling much much better. TG! I don't think i can endure the pain anymore. I still have the "inquisitive" look but at least, my shoulder/back of neck doesn't hurt anymore.

I've been watching japanese series lately, much to the influence of my housemate Raya. She introduced me to Yami P,the guy at Kurosagi. After that i watched Hana Yori Dango and now I'm watching Stand Up!. Stand Up's pretty funny, puro kalokohan. it's a bunch of adolescent boys who all have one objective, to get laid for that summer. they're teased as the 4D, D as in do-te as in Virgins. Japanese comedy is kinda similar to ours, the slapstick kind, but i still find myself laughing on my owm at the MRT hehe.

System Time: 3:28 PM

everyone's telling me that the students will be coming, but i'm still all alone here in my area! kelan ba sila darating??

January 10, 2007

System Time: 5:31 PM

the students are here! one's vietnamese, the other is indonesian. together we can form the asean summit, eehehe. at least i've got neighbors already!

today is an eventful day because this is the day that i got reprimanded for being late. wahaha. first time in all my professional life that i got reprimanded for being late. demmit. lolz. i guess i thought i can't be noticed, so i got a bit forgetful and wasn't that mindful of the time. sabi pa nya, palagi daw ako late. nyahaha. ang layo pa ng pinanggalingan nun. first he asked where i lived. then he asked what time the first mrt leaves in the nearest station. then he asked how long it takes from home to work. then he asked how long the bus arrives. then he asked me if i know what time do the analysts have to arrive here in the office. THEN came the question why i was "ALWAYS" late. nyahahah. all i could say was "sometimes i would miss the bus" then came the rebuttal, "but that is not an excuse" so what more can i say but "you're right." wahaha. tsk tsk. i guess i have to make my waking time 10 minutes earlier now. (ANG BIG DEAL UH) kasi naman hindi naman ako naleleyt ng sobra sa 15 minutes noh. my gosh. keinish.

a colleague will be leaving soon and i think they're gonna make me go to work on a 12pm-9pm shift. I asked pangs and said 'is that good news or bad news?'.. still don't know the answer.. good thing is i can sleep more in that shift, probably can wake up around 9am and leave at 1015am. bad news of course is, i'll be getting home at 10:30 pm. But good news too is that i can take a cab and have the fare reimbursed. Bad news is i don't know if they'll allow me to reimburse a fare from here to our house! anyway, i think it'll be better in the long run because i don't get to sleep at 10pm anyway, i usually sleep around 12pm.. so if i arrive home at 10:30pm, hopefully i'll be able to sleep around 12pm too. so the longer i sleep, the better.

the chikitings are nice (as pangs calls the students here). they're not singaporeans, they moved here 3 years ago to study, so we can all whine about stuff that we hate about SG hehe. plus it's really nice to have someone to talk to when i'm here at my desk.

uwi na ako.. magreremit pa kami eh! babay!

January 11, 2007

System Time: 2:24 PM

ayan uh, i got in at 8:55 AM. wasn't able to login sa Sametime sa Lotusnotes('cause i have a theory that this is where my TL checks if we're already in the office) because the support guy arrived just as i was logging in and did something on my pc so bahala na. icheck nya yung time log hmpft. still can't believe it took me almost 2 hours to get here. left at 7:10AM! the buses where unbelievably slow this morning.

System Time: 2:41 PM

bingo # 2. b w i s e t. ano toh, daily habit? i got 'scolded' again by my TL kasi bakit daw nag eemail ako sa mga approver to approve my access request when the request was only sent today. arrggh. eh last time sabi nya ie-mail ko daw yung mga approvers to introduce myself eh. edi nagintroduce nga ako saying i'm ann blah blah, i'm a new member of the support team blahblah tas syempre dun sa email sinabi ko na rin na pakiapprove yung request. arrrggh. kasi meh bwiset na thailander na atrabida. yung isang sinendan ng access admin na email for approval eh hindi na pala siya ang owner ng site, iba na. last August pa siya nalipat ng pwesto. eh hindi ko naman malalaman yun diba, dapat alam ng access admin kung sino ang mga owners ng site. so nagusual email ako na i'm ann blah blah please approve blah blah. tas nagreply yung inimail ko, saying na hindi na siya yung owner tas binanggit nya yung pangalan, let's call her Pokwang, na sinabi na nya keh Pokwang na ayusin yung documentation para matanggal na name nya at malagay na yung name ng pumalit sa kanya as site owner. tas etong si POKWANG, sabi ba naman, "Sorry about it I have no idea where she got your name from" yung 'She' dun, meaning me! eh Hello, asa thread ng email eh na ang unang nagsend ng email is yung access admin keh ex-site owner. grrr bwisit. no idea amputs. hellow are you blind. lolz. keinish. /me sakal *pokwang* yung kapalpakan mo, pinapasa mo saken uh. b w i s e t. bwisit din si TL. ano buh tlaga kuyuh? to mail or not to mail, that is the question. hay. eeewan.malamang bukas din meh mga email ako na ganon, baka makulitan saken yung mga site owner huhuhuh.

at the rate i'm going, baka bukas meh bingo # 3 ako! lolz. probably from the same issue. demmit. gaaah.

System Time: 3:18 PM

naiinis parin ako. chineck ko yung email ng access admin at kung kelan ako nagpadala ng 'intro' email sa site owner. this was the email where my TL told me to send an 'intro' email nga. same day din kaya! hay naku. sinabi kaya saken ng butihing TL ko na "oh, you should send them an email and introduce yourself chuva chenes" bwisit.

System Time: 5:40 PM

bwiset talaga na TL ko. hindi ako pinayagang magleave kahit 1 araw sa chinese new year! demmit! basta uuwi parin ako. leche tlga huhuhu. meh hinihirit pa na 1 lang pwede kong i-leave sa isang bwan. demmit. no way noh. kinalarify ko nga yun eh, pero sabi "cannot, i don't want the chinese people to be dispatchers on their holiday" bwisit talaga. sabi nga ni paulo, eh bakit nung pasko hindi kami pinauwi! leche. bukas magstart na rin ako ng panghapon, 12pm-9pm na haaaaaaaaaaaaay bwishit. kaya pala kups ang tawag nila.

magready na ako.. lapit na ako uwi eh. babay!

January 12, 2007

System Time: 6:21 PM

its so quiet here in the office. i'm at the east wing, where most of the employees are on the day shift. today was eventful because i did some official work! hehehe. i contacted users heehee. i wasn't able to close a ticket though, one user said he hasn't found the time to try our resolution and will contact me as soon as he does and the other was busy. hehe. so wala parin akong nagawa. at least i was able to update the log of the ticket. "contacted user but was busy." lol!

nakakaantok pala pag gabi. nyahaha. tsaka parang mas mabagal ang oras.. buti nga hanggang 8 lang ako ngayon dahil friday.. panu pag hanggang 9 na!

System Time: 7:18 PM

wow. i'm all alone dito sa east wing. ALL alone. iskeyri! lol! papatugtog na nga ako, ala naman akong maiistorbo eh hehe!

tomorrow we're going to jane's place, her advance birthday celeb! yehey free food haha! ano kaya madala keh janey. hmmm *esep esep*

nawiwiwi aku. ooh iskeyri. hehe.

System Time: 7:31 PM

meh perks din pala na magisa.. i can play my music on speakers (pero syempre mahina parin) and i can poopoo at the cR ahahahahaha.

uwi na ako.. sabay ko si anshe sa taxi, andito rin siya malapit sa west.. byebye!

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rEeYuH said...

uuwi ka sa pinas sa chinese new year? nalilito kse ako pag sabi ng 'uwi' - uwi sa hse nyo sa sg or uwi sa pinas. whatever it is, goin home is always good. hehe

btw, aliw un kurosagi! ano paba un recommendations mo? ang cute nun guy! haha