Tuesday, December 14, 2004

...one really, really, reaaally lazy dude

okay. so the title's me. i'm supposed to be in Makati today and yesterday for my meeting with Clive and Greg but i had to cancel it yesterday so i supposedly moved it today and tomorrow BUT i dunno what's with me (or is it just my lovely, fluffy pillow) that i seem to have trouble getting off my bed. i had my alarm on so when it turned on around 6:30 am.. it just took me exactly 2 seconds to shut it up and go back to sleep.. i dreamt that i was already taking a shower, putting on clothes, then i heard my cellphone ringing. in reality, i was still in my bed (don't you just HATE those kind of dreams... pinapaasa ka na nakatayo ka na! grrrrr) and salivating my pillow (ugh).. it was my pangs who i know is sooo pissed at me (that's the main reason i blogged this blog) for being the lazy person that i am...waah i can't help it. waking up is suuuch a hassle. i really don't know how i'm supposed to find a job next year if i keep this up. arrrggh. I just emailed them (Greg and Clive) and told them that i can do it in the comforts of my own home (plus i don't want to go there and spend the day installing all the software that i need) and have something to show them by the end of the week.

and pangs.. waaah please don't be angry at me (or whatever word you want to describe your mood now).. did you know that i already met his mother and his sister? i was so drastically nervous at first but his mother kept on smiling at me and his sister was downright nice that i had no problem swallowing the food that i was eating..(that was my fear, that i would be so nervous that i wouldn't be able to eat) and his friends are cool and you could see their personality already.. wilson's the loud one, romeo's the quiet one, and ame.. well i haven't really seen that much from him but he seems to be the "dramatic" one..(he had a fight with his gf)

anyway, pangsssss.. i keep on disappointing you.. and i'm so sorry! it's just the way i am i guess,.. lazy, papalit-palit ng isip, sleepaholic.. but i'm not changing my mind next year.. nope, never! i just hope that you feel the same way still. i'll somehow make it up to you,..okay? ILYsm!

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